Raft Shirts

About Raft:

Raft Shirts started as an idea to make academia cool again. After years of seeing young people wearing t-shirts of negative images or uninspiring colloquial expressions, we at Raft Shirts felt it was time for something new…something that would challenge, inspire, and reflect the academic and professional interests of children and students of all ages. In short, we wanted to put something worth reading on t-shirts again.

Raft Shirts specializes in producing high quality t-shirts, sweat shirts, caps and other clothing items with educational and professional terms. Our products can be worn by your entire family.

Our terms and products are carefully picked to suit the fashion and style of children, students, professionals, parents, grandparents and all other “students of life”. We started our collection (“the core”) with items we consider universal and basic for life: science, music, and exercise (sports). We will expand on our core collection periodically, adding additional words and phrases that touch the soul, inspire the mind, and reflect academic and/or professional interests.

The Raft Shirts mission is to provide an alternative (academic based) source of inspiration to children, students, professionals, parents, grandparents and all other “students of life”.

Raft Shirts donates a portion of its monthly profits to Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure (“ABC2”). ABC2 inspires new hope for a brain cancer cure by using a results-driven business model to bring more treatments to patients, stimulate research & development and otherwise support the accelerated development of new therapies for brain cancer. Please visit their website at www.abc2.org for more information.

Raft Shirts….academia is cool again.